There are 86 mathematicians whose last name begin with PEAR.

Pearce, Charles Australian National University 1965
Pearce, Charles University of Wisconsin-Madison 1937
Pearce, David University of Sussex 1979
Pearce, David Imperial College London 2005
Pearce, David Princeton University 1983
Pearce, Dennis University of Kentucky 2014
Pearce, Douglas University of Wisconsin-Madison 1974
Pearce, Geoffrey University of Western Australia 2007
Pearce, Ian University of Dundee 2007
Pearce, James California Institute of Technology 1976
Pearce, James Stanford University 2005
Pearce, James The Johns Hopkins University 1907
Pearce, Janice University of Rochester 1992
Pearce, John Purdue University 1980
Pearce, Jon University of California, Berkeley 1980
Pearce, Jonathan University of Southern California 2007
Pearce, Katherine North Carolina State University 2022
Pearce, Kent State University of New York at Albany 1980
Pearce, Lynn University of South Carolina 1977
Pearce, Nathan University of New South Wales 2010
Pearce, Patricia
Pearce, Robin University of Queensland 2019
Pearce, Roger Texas A&M University 2013
Pearce, S. University of London 1951
Pearce, Simon University of Keele 2010
Pearcy, Carl Rice University 1960
Pearl, David
Pearl, Dennis University of California, Berkeley 1984
Pearl, Elliott York University 1996
Pearl, Judea Polytechnic University 1965
Pearl, Martin University of Wisconsin-Madison 1955
Pearl, Raymond University of Michigan 1902
Pearlman, Austin University of Washington 1985
Pearlman, Howard Northwestern University 1992
Pearlman, Robert University of Michigan 1975
Pearlman, Sarah University of Maryland College Park 2007
Pearlman, William Stanford University 1974
Pearlmutter, Barak Carnegie Mellon University 1996
Pearlstein, Gregory University of Massachusetts Amherst 1999
Pearlstein, Larry Princeton University 1987
Pearman, Alan University of Dundee 1974
Pearn, Wen-Lea University of Maryland College Park 1984
Pears, David
Pears, Jonathan The University of Edinburgh 1994
Pearse, Erin University of California, Riverside 2006
Pearson, Alexander University of Rochester 2009
Pearson, Allen
Pearson, Antony University of Colorado at Boulder 2020
Pearson, Bennie University of Texas at Austin 1955
Pearson, Carl Brown University 1949
Pearson, Carl The George Washington University 2011
Pearson, D.
Pearson, David Cornell University 1998
Pearson, David
Pearson, Egon University College London 1926
Pearson, Elisa Barry University 2018
Pearson, Frank Cornell University 1922
Pearson, Gary University of California, Berkeley 1965
Pearson, Hans Illinois Institute of Technology 1957
Pearson, James Imperial College London 2014
Pearson, Jane University of Wales, Aberystwyth 1992
Pearson, J. Boyd Purdue University 1962
Pearson, Jenna Brown University 2020
Pearson, John University of Texas at Austin 1989
Pearson, John University of Oxford 2013
Pearson, John University of Cambridge 1957
Pearson, John Georgia Institute of Technology 2008
Pearson, John University of Auckland 1997
Pearson, John Princeton University 2004
Pearson, Karl University of Cambridge 1879
Pearson, Kelly University of Oregon 2000
Pearson, Kenneth University of Adelaide 1966
Pearson, Kimberly Indiana University 1995
Pearson, Larry University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1980
Pearson, Mark Northwestern University 2003
Pearson, Natalie University of Oxford
Pearson, Nelda Southern Methodist University 1979
Pearson, Nicholas Lancaster University 2005
Pearson, Paul University of Warwick 2001
Pearson, Paul Northwestern University 2006
Pearson, Ronald Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1982
Pearson, Russell University of London 1997
Pearson, Stuart Technische Universiteit Delft 2022
Pearson, Taliesin University of Nottingham 2013
Pearson, Terrance University of Saskatchewan 1965
Peart, Paul The University of the West Indies 1982