Recognition of the MGP

  • May 2017
  • June 2011
    • Managing Director Mitchel T. Keller was recently interviewed by Jon Adams for the London School of Economics for an online video series highlighting things people attached to the LSE do. The video is available on YouTube.
    • Wired magazine has a short mention of the Mathematics Genealogy Project, featuring a visualization of the ancestry of Gerald Sussman.
  • May 2010
    • Times Higher Education—Jon Adams, research officer at the London School of Economics, wrote about academic genealogies. He specifically discusses the Mathematics Genealogy Project and includes quotes from Managing Director Mitchel T. Keller
  • September 2007
  • May 2005
  • January 2000
    • PRISM Magazine—An article about The Mathematics Genealogy Project can be found in PRISM Magazine's January 2000 issue.
  • September 1999
    • Science Magazine
      The Mathematics Genealogy Project was featured in Science Magazine on September 24th, 1999.
    • The Reporter—A story featuring the Mathematics Genealogy Project appeared in the September 16th issue of the Minnesota State University's newspaper, The Reporter.
    • Scout Report Selection
      The Internet Scout Project chose to include the Mathematics Genealogy Project in their September 10th, 1999 Scout Report.
  • August 1999
    • Chronicle of Higher Education—See what the Chronicle of Higher Education had to say in their August 18th edition about the Mathematics Genealogy Project.
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