There are 23 mathematicians whose last name begin with PEAC.

Peace, Angela Arizona State University 2014
Peace, Karl Virginia Commonwealth University 1976
Peacey, Michael University of Bristol 2014
Peach, Gillian Royal Holloway, University of London 1961
Peach, Michael University of Bristol 2004
Peach, Nigel University of Bath 1997
Peach, Paul Case Western Reserve University 1961
Peach, Richard University of Maryland College Park 1983
Peach, Robert Imperial College London 2017
Peach, W. Nelson The Johns Hopkins University 1939
Peachey, Justin Clemson University 2011
Peachimuthu, Tamilalagan Gandhigram Rural Institute 2017
Peacock, George University of Cambridge 1816
Peacock, John University of Waterloo 1980
Peacock, John University of Cambridge 1980
Peacock, Richar Tulane University 1970
Peacock, Richard University of Warwick 1974
Peacock, Richard Columbia University 1974
Peacock, Robert University of Alabama-Birmingham 2001
Peacock, Simon University of Bristol 2015
Peacock, Stephanie University of Alberta 2015
Peacock, Wendell Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1944
Peacocke, Christopher University of Oxford 1979