There are 18 mathematicians whose last name begin with PARM.

Parmanand, Kenneth Columbia University 1988
Parmar, Amandeep Georgia Institute of Technology 2007
Parmar, Amar University of Warwick 2012
Parmar, Rakesh Kumar
Parmar, Vijay University of Leeds 1991
Parmar, Yogita Sardar Patel University
Parmeggiani, Alberto Princeton University 1993
Parmeggiani, Gemma Università degli Studi di Padova 1995
Parmelee, Caitlyn University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2016
Parmenter, Michael University of Alberta 1972
Parmentier, Axel Université Paris-Est 2016
Parmentier, Edgar Cornell University 1975
Parmentier, Serge The Pennsylvania State University 1989
Parmer, Gabriel Boston University 2010
Parmeshwar, Shrish King's College London 2021
Parmeter, Christopher State University of New York at Binghamton 2006
Parmigiani, Giovanni Carnegie Mellon University 1990
Parmigiani, John University of Michigan 2007