There are 15 mathematicians whose last name begin with PARKI.

Parkin, Kevin California Institute of Technology 2006
Parkin, Michael University of Manchester 1970
Parkins, Christopher University of Cambridge 1998
Parkins, Scott University of Wollongong 2017
Parkinson, Bradford Stanford University 1966
Parkinson, Christian University of California, Los Angeles 2020
Parkinson, David University of Portsmouth 2004
Parkinson, Denis Queen's University of Belfast 1960
Parkinson, Geoffrey California Institute of Technology 1951
Parkinson, George University of Wisconsin-Madison 1929
Parkinson, James University of Sydney 2005
Parkinson, Judith Universität Salzburg 2021
Parkinson, Matthew University of Cambridge 2005
Parkinson, Matthew University of Bath 2018
Parkinson, Patrick University of Wisconsin-Madison 1981