There are 13 mathematicians whose last name begin with LEAR.

Lear, Dale University of Washington 1990
Lear, Daniel Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 2019
Lear, Matthew Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 2003
Learned, John University of California, Santa Barbara 2007
Learned-Miller, Erik Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2002
Learner, Arnold University of Cambridge 1961
Learth Soares, Bruno Universidade de São Paulo 2007
Leary, Brian University of California, Los Angeles 2015
Leary, Christopher University of Michigan 1985
Leary, Colleen University of Washington 1978
Leary, Francis State University of New York at Albany 1979
Leary, Ian University of Cambridge 1991
Leary, Robert Stanford University 1978