There are 19 mathematicians whose last name begin with FOO.

Foo, Chen-Hui Stanford University 1980
Foo, Ernest Queensland University of Technology 2000
Foo, Jasmine Brown University 2008
Foo, Mathew Monash University 1985
Foo, Norman University of Michigan 1974
Foody, Walter University of Illinois at Chicago 1980
Foo Kune, Denis University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 2012
Foondun, Mohammud University of Connecticut 2006
Foong, Pui Monash University 1990
Foong, See Kit University of Texas at Austin 1989
Foord, Robert University of Warwick 2000
Foot, Christopher
Footdale, Joseph University of Colorado Boulder 2008
Foote, Joe Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1949
Foote, Richard University of Cambridge 1976
Foote, Robert University of Michigan 1983
Foote, Stuart University of Wisconsin-Madison 1965
Foozwell, Bell University of Melbourne 2008
Foo (胡忠贤), Timothy Nanyang Technological University 2011