There are 14 mathematicians whose last name begin with FOD.

Foda, Omar Purdue University 1983
Fodchuk, Vasilii Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 1963
Fodden, Brandon Queen's University at Kingston 2007
Foddy, Marjorie Stanford University 1984
Fodor, Ferenc Auburn University 1999
Fodor, Gabor
Fodor, Géza Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1954
Fodor, Gyula Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Budapest 1993
Fodor, Imola University of California, Berkeley 1999
Fodor, Janet Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1970
Fodor, Jerry Princeton University 1960
Fodor, Paul State University of New York at Stony Brook 2011
Fodor, Petru University of Alabama-Birmingham 2003
Fodor, Viktória